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  • Elliot,

    Thanks for the quick response. I had already read the 2 articles you listed above and successfully implemented lite-mode (thanks for making it simple!).

    I want to clarify the legal issue: You are stating that it is NOT within the scope of the license to package the repeater and flexible content field add-ons with my theme at this time, correct?

    My framework is currently ready for release, but I obviously want to make sure everything is legit. Do you have an estimate of when packaging these add-ons will become possible? Is there any other option for me short term until the add-on updates are made?

    It might be worth noting, that I’m selling my framework as part of an education package that includes a seminar. I’m not sure if it would make distribution legalities different, but it won’t be available for sale on sites like Themeforest or WordPress.