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  • Hi Elliot, sorry for that – I’ll try

    I’m developing a theme.

    I have a custom post type – ‘trainings’

    I created a custom field group – ‘trainingcontent’ by using your plugin.
    within that group are 2 fields: a) description b) image

    Rule is set to display this custom field group, when Post Type is equal to trainings

    I have a couple of ‘trainingcontent’ to display on one page, what already works.

    But if I go to Admin dashboard –> ‘trainings’ –> ‘trainingcontent1’ (1st entry in the custom field group)
    there is a permalink shown in the post edit screen which looks like:

    by clicking this there is no page to display, I know it could be there if I put something in the single.php but I don’t want to display the single training content alone. It should only be displayed on the ‘trainings’ site together with other ‘trainingcontent’. Therefore I want to remove the permalink from each custom field group entry, like ‘trainingcontent1’, ‘trainingcontent2’ a.s.o.

    I want to have a permalink that looks this was:

    So far as I understand, each entry in the custom field group within that post, creates a new single-post and therefore wordpress creates a separate permalink.

    Maybe the repeater field could help me out, so that I could put this on a page instead of using a post?

    I hope this is less confusing to you.

    Regards, Guido