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  • Thanks Elliot. That’s the plan over time. I was hoping to come up with a mild work-around to help teach me this as a good learning project. The reviews already use ACF with a custom field that contains a numeric for every film (fractional as each film can have half-stars). That I had no problem with.

    We do edit the sidebar almost every day to add the entries manually.

    The complexity in a full widget app is “x amount of movies” is a moving target. Summer makes for a longer list. Some films hang around MUCH longer than others and need a way to be held over so it can’t simply be a case of showing 10 films in the list or showing from one date to another.

    As I said, I did manage to get the custom field working fine (that’s what’s feeding the actual review posts) and I managed to write my first Shortcode to display stars based on manual entries so I’m getting there.

    The wall I hit was in not having any clue how to go the next step and you’re suggesting it’s a BIG one. We may need to pay someone but right now that’s just not in the budget.