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  • Hello..It worked based off the documentation & example above…and I am now able to list the Titles & they are linking properly….However, when its set to Field Type: Post_Object — I lose my entire sidebar & Footer from the template page that I am using the this on…

    When the Field Type is set on anything else – such as: Page_Link — then my page goes back to normal with the sidebar & footer on the page….but, obviously using Page_Link wont work the way I need it….

    Also, I am working Locally – so I even notice that the WordPress Admin bar at the top disappears….this is only occurring on this specific page, when using Post_Object as the Field type.

    Is there any explanation as to why I would lose my sidebar & Footer from the page, when using Post_Object?…I would appreciate any help possible to make this work.

    Please keep in mind, I am not a developer – so i appreciate the patience & assistance. 🙂 thanks.