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  • Hey @elliot

    I fixed the issue. But it was something I wasn’t expecting.

    The whole problem was behind the acf_form() function. I had multiple instances of this function on the page. I had this due to design purposes.

    I know you can load multiple groups in the array but as I said I needed it for the design aspect of the page.

    So, I was loading almost each group of fields in it’s own acf_form function, and I was loading the location field almost at the bottom, after all the rest, and this broke the loading of the Google Maps API. Maybe you can look into this?

    If I placed the acf_form with the location field on top of the others it worked perfectly. And that’s the whole solution. Just place the location field at the top and it works.

    Thanks for all your help @elliot.

    Have a great day.