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  • Hi E,

    Thanks for reply, and happy new year.

    – Can you try using ACF as a normal plugin, and removing it from your theme? Does this fix the issue?
    V: No. Problem occurs only on certain pages, on 4 from 20 pages I cannot save fields.

    – Does the issue occur on your local version? I’m a bit confused about your statement regarding the local / live.
    V: Yeah, on my localhost is clean WP installation and it happens there to.
    local: localhost, live: production.

    – If you create a new field for the ‘page’ with a unique field_name, does it save correctly?
    V: I did that to, but not working either.

    – What do you mean by ‘and post meta is included with PHP.’
    V: Plugin is included in theme, and what I do is I export field groups in PHP and then include them in functions.php.
    That way I can create all field groups on localhost and I don’t have to do everything again on production.

    Strange thing is that this only happens on certain pages, on some of them it’s working fine. I don’t know what to think.
    Will try to delete all post meta trough phpmyadmin.