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  • Well this is driving me mad now, I’ve spent hours on this and can’t figure it out for the life of me! I’m ruling out ACF as I can see the thumbnail files are not being recreated correctly.

    If I run the site locally, everything is fine. If I run it off the live server, the plugin will say it’s generated all the thumbnails without any issue but I can see no thumbnails in the uploads folder. Naturally, I’d assume it was an issue with the server. However, I’ve got several other sites of the server creating thumbnails with no issue and even this same site was creating them without issue before I changed the thumbnail size.

    I’ve tired many combinations of permissions just in case but no joy (even blanked 777 on the whole WordPress installation just to test).

    I’ve tried several other plugins to rule that particular one out (even though I’ve got it running fine on other sites) and none of them worked either. Driving me a big mad as I’m out of ideas now.

    Any help appreciated although I realise this is no longer an AFC issue!