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  • Appreciating that this may not be the solution everyone’s been looking for but if you’ve been primarily building Gutenblocks using the ACF method and don’t really want to get involved in the complexity of building ES6 style native blocks (I don’t know how else to distinguish them) like I have, then the simplest way I’ve found to create a container block is using this library:

    Provided you’ve updated node and npm then the instructions are really very simple to follow. It does all the Babel shenanigans for you so you don’t even have to worry about the myriad dependencies that you’d normally have to fight with to make your own build process. You literally just cd into the plugins directory and type:

    npx create-guten-block my-container

    and then cd into the created plugin and do npm start and activate your plugin.

    I’ve just made a little container block which allows InnerBlocks and limits those InnerBlocks to specific ACF style blocks I’ve already built in about 10 minutes.

    The first few paragraphs of this tutorial are enough to get a simple version working once you’ve used the above to generate your block plugin: