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  • @jamiepr23 – if I’ve read your reply correctly, just renaming the file will not fix the problem.
    Can you update the plugin manually ?
    My process when I need to do this is… (in my cPanel)
    1. Zip up the old plugin folder (as a backup just in case)
    2. Delete the plugin folder
    3. Upload the new zip file
    4. Uncompress it
    5. Check back in WP admin that all is OK
    (sometimes it may need to be activated)

    HTH, Dave

    ps – the two occurrences of 5.7.11 are:
    Version: 5.7.11 (line 6)
    var $version = ‘5.7.11’; (line 21)
    (This is in the acf.php file in the root of the plugin folder)