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  • Same boat as OP. 3 big projects are currently in development with the rushed GB release suddenly surfacing. Not sure where to go – GB is “controversial” to say the least. Will WP even continue using it as it’s editor?

    Also I cannot relate on the statement that GB better reflects a website’s content structure. True for blog posts, false for all other types. This single-column / stripe-like style of content doesn’t fit for any website I’ve seen other than a blog post. All websites I know use content in a 2D (dimensional) fashion, remember CSS Grid?

    On top GB output goes against ALL best-practices in web development. WP isn’t a web app, not sure why they try to push it there, makes no sense to me. Makes no sense for SEO. Ask React-guys about SEO and they mumble “Google erm can search JS…” and run away.

    My conclusion: I’m going with the classic editor and the modular approach that we’ve developed using ACF Pro (best WP Plugin on the planet). Funny enough, we’ve been using that block-style template structure on the PHP side for years, even called them blocks. Each ACF area has it’s own blocks/content-block-xy.php.