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  • @kiwicreative ,
    Thanks for the response.

    Yes I did – no joy.

    When I did some more digging I found there was more than one key value in post_meta for that field – I have noticed that under some conditions ACF does not clean up after itself and you end up with Ghost entries.

    Either way I eventually resolved to create another ACF field – in its own group. We setup the choices there and bind the field to the page on which we need those values. In the page properties we then just select all the choices available and save to the post – that way we can just get_field() them.

    I would have preferred that we could just get the values from the field meta data – but the pressure to get this working dictated we find another solution. The second ACF is a bit cumbersome but it works and removes the requirement to query the post_meta table directly.

    Thanks again for the response.