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  • As if by magic, I’ve managed to pull the values in from my repeater field! This is the code I’m using:

    add_action('wp_ajax_data_fetch', 'data_fetch'); // logged in users
    add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_data_fetch', 'data_fetch'); // other users
    function data_fetch(){
    	$post_id = filter_input( INPUT_POST, 'post_id' ); // post id passed from select value via ajax
    	$array = array(); // setup empty array
    	$rows = get_field('new_colour', $post_id); // repeater field
    		foreach($rows as $row) // foreach for each repeater row
    			$array[] = '<li data-id="' . esc_attr( $row['unique_id'] ) . '"><label><input type="checkbox" value="' . get_the_title($post_id) . " - " . $row['colour_name'] . '">' . $row['colour_name'] . '</label></li>'; // stuff I want to display on the div I'm appending the repeater values to
    	wp_send_json($array); //Use WP send json function - send data back to the page I'm displaying the div on
    $field.change(function () { // $field = select dropdown
    	var post_id = $(this).val(); // value of select dropdown = page id where repeater is located
    	var data = {
    		action : 'data_fetch',
    		'post_id' : post_id
    	var $customList = $(this).closest('.acf-row').find('#modal .checkbox-list-custom'); // element I'm displaying data in (i have multiple divs I want to populate with values)
    	$.post( ajaxurl, data ).done(function(result) {
    		$customList.empty(); // emptying the div of any previous data
    		$customList.append(result); // appending results to div
    	$modal.removeClass('visible'); // hide other open divs for additional select relationship field drop downs
    	$(this).closest('.acf-row').find('#modal:eq(0)').addClass('visible'); // making relevant div visible after the above has completed

    Ended up swapping the while loop for a foreach loop, which for some reason made all of my code start working. Not really sure why, but my headache has disappeared!

    The only thing I’ve not yet done is add in the relevant code to save the metadata to the post, but I’ll try and get that working correctly tomorrow probably.