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  • It seems i was able to identify the source of this issue for (at least) my situation. This pertains to multisite installations running ACF PRO 5.7.4. The bug lies in the fact that the update procedure erroneously checks the last blog in the multisite for update and license information, instead of the primary blog. The bug can be circumvented by either:

    1) Activate ACF PRO and enter the license key on the last blog of the multisite, then run the updater.


    2) Manually download and install ACF PRO 5.7.5 or newer from

    Any multisites running ACF PRO 5.7.4 may suffer from this issue, and will not be able to upgrade to newer versions without taking any of the two steps above. There should generally be no need to re-install WordPress or edit the database for this process.