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  • Hi @johnroe @loorlab

    After upgrading a website from ACF4 to ACF5 you will be prompted to upgrade the database. This prompt is visible when logged into the website’s dashboard. If for some reason this prompt does not appear, please consider the following possibilities:

    1. You have already upgraded in the past. The upgrade prompt will only run once, even if you have rolled back.
    2. There may be another plugin / theme code hiding the prompt.
    3. Your DB wp_options table contains a modified “acf_version” value.

    An easy way to check if the upgrade has been run in the past is to check your database wp_options table and find the “acf_version” row. This option contains the last known version of ACF installed. If the version is higher than 5.0, the upgrade has already run and will not appear.

    It is possible to force ACF to run the upgrade again by editing this row in your DB and changing the option value to “4.4.12”. Please be sure to backup your database before making this change to avoid any “duplicate data” created in the second upgrade.

    For now, you can always rollback to ACF4. There is no data loss with this and is a good solution to get your site working until you can test the update on a dev/staging site.

    If you’re still having troubles, please contact support.