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  • I know you marked this solved, but I just purchased Pro and was immediately upgraded to 5.7.3 but I’m having what sounds like the same issue that you were having before. I created a few Fields, and I believe correctly, but I’m also attempting to use Tabs to display content in a more compact way on our site. I’m using Elementor and when I try to link the dynamic content no matter what I choose in the key settings, only one of the fields that I created are populated. The whole list is not there. There is a list if I choose Post Custom Field instead of ACF Field but most what populates is either the word Array or some 4 digit number. There are only a couple of tabs that I can actually get to work and they are text based. So it appears that things are not populating into the key as a selection from what I input.? Here is a screen shot. Thank you in Advance and if I am posting in the incorrect place please let me know and I’ll go where I’m supposed to. I’m just not sure where to go. Since I just started I was dealing withe a huge learning curve but catch on pretty quickly so I think I do have an understanding how it is supposed to work.