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  • So yesterday, I added the max_input_vars to my .htaccess file. No change. I then contacted my host about adding it to my php.ini file. Which is only accessible via SSH. Something I don’t work in. After much hand holding from my host’s tech support, I was able, through Mac Terminal to get into the php.ini file and change the commented out max_input_vars to uncommented and changed the 1000 to 5000. After all that, the plugin still says the max vars is 1000 and my ACF repeater will not save. Not sure what else to do. Not sure if rebuilding my ACF form in a different way would make a difference. For instance, I could make the parent repeater, not a repeater and instead make each of those individual repeaters. So that their is no nesting. But they are still all on the same page. It might make fewer vars but I think I would still hit 1000 pretty quickly.