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  • Thanks for all of these suggestions (over a very long running thread!) – I find myself in the same situation of needing to export posts from a very old Drupal site to WordPress.

    For people who’ve gone the route from Drupal -> WordPress using the FG Drupal to WordPress plugin: do you recall how you managed to get main content from Drupal (the ‘Body’ field, at least in Drupal 6) to map to the WordPress Editor field field? It’s weird – I can get all the posts to import, but the Editor field remains blank. (Other than the post title, you think that this would be the easiest field to move over…)

    At this point I’m not even trying to get Drupal fields to map to ACF – I’m going to use ACF on new posts only. I feel like I’m so on the cusp of getting FG Drupal to work – but like I said – I can’t seem to get anything in the regular Drupal Body field to map to the WordPress Editor field.

    I’m definitely intending to share what I found out after I pull this off!