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  • It is possible to import into a taxonomy using names with WPAI, and it is possible to also import into ACF taxonomy fields using term names using the ACF add on. If you have the taxonomy field set to “load terms” and “save terms” then you should only need to import to the taxonomy though the standard WPAI taxonomy interface. If you are not loading and saving terms they you’ve probably got to import both with the standard taxonomy settings in WPAI AND import into the ACF field and you should be able to do this using the names and WPAI will sort it out for you.

    Bit I don’t remember all the details. I’ve been where you are, I hate imports unless it is to import something that is exported from some other system. If you’re importing from data manually entered into a spreadsheet by a client then, well, this is only the beginning of what you’ll need to work out. Human entered data is never consistent enough for automated importing.