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  • I have to say that I am glad to see that I am not the only one with Toolset issues. I was migrating a Drupal site that said that I needed to install Toolset. I actually thought it looked good even though I was hesitant to install it. Managing CPT and Tax looked so easy. I then started having sooooo many issues with mapping to the fields and wasted countless hours with little to show. I guess I was lead to believe that the fields offered by toolset were inclusive to the plugin so it made it easier to use and apparently better than any other field plugins out there. Ummmmmm. No. As it stands, ACF still kicks it and does a better job than anything else out there. Could not imagine WordPress without it. Well worth the money. I guess we learn from our mistakes but glad that there are others that are willing to share how they managed to migrate away. Thanks to all of the suggestions.