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  • Hi. As with others on the forum, with multiple ACF wysiwyg fields on a post, I am not able to access the Visual mode. The content displays only in Text mode.

    I don’t see any errors in Javascript Console.

    The only plugins I have installed are ACF Pro, jQuery UI Widgets, Updraft Plus, and Ninja Forms.

    The problem goes away when I deactivate Ninja Forms 3.2.16.

    Separately, I would like to request changing the text from “Click to initialize TinyMCE” to something more user-friendly. As a developer, I understand what this means, but as a user, my clients don’t necessarily know what TinyMCE is and the text is not intuitive. Perhaps something like “Click in the box to edit the content”.

    (Lastly, when I tried to start a new topic on this issue using John Huebner’s link above, I got an error “Failed to send” without any explanation.)