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  • Hi @davidzack,

    Yup, you’re right – you can utilize img_caption_shortcode! The example from the WordPress codex is a good skeleton structure to work off of to add the markup you’d like to.

    Something to keep in mind is that you’ll need to pass a second parameter when getting your photo_credit field to target the media it is attached to.

    One way of getting the appropriate ID is to use preg_match & regex to split the number off before the $attr are defined in that example:

    preg_match( '/(\d+)$/', $attr['id'], $matches );
    $media_id = $matches[1];
    $credit = get_field( 'your_field_name', $media_id );

    From there you can add conditionals how you’d like & place it where you’d like within your markup. Let me know how it pans out!