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  • Hi Phil – just wanted to give you a little update. I spent some time trying to troubleshoot this and I think the issue has to do with using the form field group. Though I applied the div ID to the counties field, the .hide() wasn’t making it through to the page. When I add it to the console on the page itself, the div goes away in a flash. It may be that I’m not adding it to the right spot (though I tried added it to the top then bottom then to both the template file and the main page file – not all at the same time, of course)..

    I guess I need to either use the 2nd option you first suggested (If you need more control, I would suggest creating your own form, and use wp_insert_post() and ACF’s update_field() to submit your data. It’s not very hard and I can walk you through that if you need.) or break these apart and have states as one post types and the counties as another.

    Which route would you suggest? (and if you’re out of steam for this, it’s totally okay. I’ll understand. Just let me know.)