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  • This is actually a good idea. I have also wished on sites with many custom field groups for a way to better manage them.

    ACF uses the standard post admin pages. This means that you can alter the list of posts to include other columns, for example a category, just like you can alter this list for any other post type.

    I don’t see why you could not add a custom taxonomy to the acf-field-group post type. This should add a standard tags or category box to the right side of the page to select a category.

    The only thing that I’m not sure about would be sorting and filtering the list of groups by this new group category and you’d need to look into that.

    I don’t think any of this is impossible.

    I’m not the developer, so I can’t answer the other questions. You might be able to get an answer from the devs by opening a new support ticket here