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  • @csk87

    Well… my theory was incorrect. Because… with ACF Pro… when switching to Swedish, I was still able to see “Link” – it just wasn’t translated.

    With ACF versions prior to 5.6.0, the “Link” field type doesn’t exist. I apologize for pointing you down the wrong path.

    I have never actually used the Link Field until just now in my testing, but I could see how it would be handy.

    There are 2 return types for the Link field… an Array (giving you URL, Title, and Target), and simply a URL.

    While not ideal… you could use a Text field if just going after the URL.

    If wanting all of the data, you could have 3 fields. 2 text fields and a checkbox.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if I could be of further help.

    EDIT: I just Googled it, and there are Link/URL field add-ons for ACF in the WordPress plugin repository. I can’t account for any of them though, because I never used them. Best of luck with your project!