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  • @markbloomfield

    Absolutely, my mistake to skip the #6 as I think it has to be done the other step, my confusion,sorry.But Why we have two forms in one page. The first form has title field and content field from this one (‘post_title’=> true,’post_content’=> true,). And the second form is the form from the group field. When I go to this form page to create a new post, I have to fill up the information into both forms. How can I separate them?

    I added a post id at the end of the url. This brings an edit screen to the first form. Hmmm, as I told you that I use Social Article. Posts that users create are listed in the tab in user profile. There there’s an edit button to every post. When users click on that edit button, how to bring users to that edit screen? How can I edit the path? Please see the picture.

    And next to Publish button, can I have Save to Draft button, totally two buttons.