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  • @markbloomfield

    Thank you very much for your instruction. However, I have been through the step 1 to 5 but nothing happens. This is what I have done:

    1. I created a form group.
    2. I created a page to display this form.
    3. I put the 2 bits of code into the function.php in my child theme.
    4. I created a new page template. I do this by adding the given code from your instruction#5 into Notepad. Then I add this template page (.php) into my theme directory. After that I go back to the page I have created earlier (instruction#2). Under Page Attributes, I select the template page I’ve just created. Finally, update and view the result. I see nothing on that page. Also clear cache still nothing comes.

    Note: In the Location rule in ACF, I have also tried both rules below but it does’t work:
    1. Show this field group if PAGE equal to “the page I create for the form”
    2. Show this field group if Page Template equal to “the template page I create for the form.”