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  • Oh, interesting approach regarding the closing out of php. I like it. Kind of like formal writing avoids contractions. Probably a good approach for me too since I’m just learning the intricacies of php but am fine with most html.

    Name instead of label… So that’s how taxonomy’s handle things differently then? I was using a snippit for handling custom fields. I tried using a snippit my own theme uses as well…
    <?php echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'portfolio_skills', '', '<br />', '' ); ?>
    (this time closing the tags rather than mess with all the single quotes…especially since I’m not worried about spaces and line breaks right now)

    However, since ‘portfolio_skills’ (I used ‘media’ instead) is my theme’s own custom field and probably not a taxonomy per se (albeit the values are user generated), maybe $terms->ID would be better $terms->NAME or will I break the theme again?

    Maybe a better question is to ask what would be a good resource for learning and practicing php? I’m like the person learning a new language asking for a “tall refreshing glass of water”. I know that I’ll get a glass of water without understanding that “refreshing” is superfluous and “tall” is too specific for my needs.

    Thanks again for all your efforts. I know it’s a labor of love teaching without pay.