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  • ACF form can be used to create a new anything, but it requires creating an acf/pre_save_post filter to do the work.

    For example, say that you want to create a new category for post you could create your call acf_form() with array('post_id' => 'new_category') then in the pre_save_post filter

    if ($post_id != 'new_catetory') {
      return $post_id;
    // code for creating the new category
    // including setting $post_id to "term_{$new_category_id}"

    ACf could be used to do what you want, but it will take quite a bit of coding to accomplish in order to get all the details right. Honestly, I think that your best hope of getting something like this is the BBPress community, or hoping that BBPress adds something like this. What you’re looking for looks like a lot of work, even with ACF to help you with the forms you need.