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Will ACF post to a forum?

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    So im updating and moving over a guild community site from PHPbb to wordpress, and have been looking for a solution when I came across your plugin. Im needing to be able to setup an application that on post creates a new thread to the forum for community review. I have this same type of plugin working with an out of date phpbb install which is no longer being updated, and im having to leave phpbb out of date which I know is a BIG no no. I posted in the buddypress and bbpress support forums with little luck, ive also asked several other forum plugin devs including WPforms and GravityForms with no solution. Here is the post with more specifics and screenshots of what i’m needing.

    Ive been looking through your support documentation and haven’t been able to see if your plugin will meet this need. If it can, i’ll purchase immediately. It shouldn’t be hard to output the post to a forum thread, but i haven’t been able to find a solution.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.

  • My guess is that if ACF could manage a forum that the developer would be using it here. This site actually uses I’m not very familiar with bbpress or what it’s capabilities are. To echo the answer you got in the forum you linked to, I have not seen anything like what you’re looking for as a WP plugin. I’m sure that with enough work you could use ACF to assist in building something like that, but it’s not something that ACF will do.

  • Well ive been looking around with little luck. The forum in question is actually bbpress already. I posted that question in both bbpress and buddypress threads.

    I have a plugin like this that works in phpbb but there doesnt seem to be anything for wordpress yet, if I knew more about writing code id just write it myself.

    While looking around I saw this dev who seemed to be working on something like it using ACF, but it doesnt seem to be live

    Associate a Form with BBPress Forums – So you can create a Support Request form that Users are required to complete before submitting a Post in any categories you specify

    Ive been hunting around the page here and saw this page

    I just dont know how I would make it post into bbpress instead of making a new wordpress page

  • ACF form can be used to create a new anything, but it requires creating an acf/pre_save_post filter to do the work.

    For example, say that you want to create a new category for post you could create your call acf_form() with array('post_id' => 'new_category') then in the pre_save_post filter

    if ($post_id != 'new_catetory') {
      return $post_id;
    // code for creating the new category
    // including setting $post_id to "term_{$new_category_id}"

    ACf could be used to do what you want, but it will take quite a bit of coding to accomplish in order to get all the details right. Honestly, I think that your best hope of getting something like this is the BBPress community, or hoping that BBPress adds something like this. What you’re looking for looks like a lot of work, even with ACF to help you with the forms you need.

  • Thanks for the info

  • @intempest I am looking to do this as well. Did you find a solution to integrate ACF with a forum?

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