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  • there is a beta version of ACF5 for free download that needs testing, but I don’t think it’s recommend to install on a live site yet.

    But this is the reason that it’s working for you in the normal wp editor but not in ACF. The editor in ACF4 is a different editor and you need to configure it to allow what you want separately, and to be honest, I don’t know how you’d go about doing that or even the first place to start. You must have a plugin already installed that’s allowing the schema markup, though I wouldn’t know what it is. Either that or someone has added some custom filters to your site that allowing it.

    I believe that the editor works in a similar way, what you would need to do is start digging through the ACF 4 field code and create something. There may be something out there already, but again, I can’t say. I don’t recall seeing anything on this subject here on this forum.