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  • I’m also worried a little about the future of ACF. The development has slowed down lately, and as the code base is getting bigger also the number of bugs is increasing. In the earlier stage of the development, the ACF plugin was almost bug-free, now it’s not so perfect.

    And I’m afraid that it will not change because ACF has no unit tests, so even if the programmer is a talented guy (and I’m sure that Eliot is) and even if he tries hard to write the code as good as he can (and the code is really clean and well organised) as the codebase is growing the number of bugs will grow too.

    An another problem with ACF is the lack of modularity on the admin panel side (here’s a post where I write more on this topic:

    When ACF was released, back in the past, it was the first class solution. It was way better than any custom fields plugin. But I’m afraid that we can have a new leader. Carbon Fields is very promising. It has almost everything that ACF has and more, for example, the feature that I’ve mentioned before: modularity and unit test