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  • My test was on a site using just ACF and an unmodified 2016 theme.

    Yes, basically the your right, it’s the new “first restart your computer.” I hate to say it, but you never know. To be honest, it’s not the first thing I generally do because I can’t on a live site. What I do is a bit more complicated. I have test sites and I start off with the basics I need and then install the theme and start installing and activating plugins to mimic the problem site until I get the same issue. (It gets really frustrating when you have everything the same and you don’t see the problem on one site but do see it on another.)

    I don’t know how JS errors are given in other browsers. I use FF with several development extensions and when there’s a JS error there’s a red X at the top of my browser that lights up and I click that and it opens up console.

    Some times an error can cause many scripts of the page to simply not function at all, other times errors don’t stop other script from running. It all depends on where and when the error happens.