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  • I just had this happen to me for the second time. Both sites on godaddy. Changed to text fields still wouldn’t save. I tried to save text field with http:// and the error would happen every time. I was able to fix the issue my making them text fields, removing the http:// and in my code <a href="http://{{options.twitter}}" title="Twitter" target="new" class="twitter"></a>
    You just need to add instructions to let end user know to use only www and not http://. I have several other sites that use the URL version on my social links and I haven’t had problems with those. So I am not sure if its due to host, migration, WP version or ACF version or other issue.

    Blog Vault Migration from Godaddy dev site to Godaddy live site.
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO Version 5.5.8
    Timber Version 1.2.4