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  • I’m not one of the developers of ACF, just another user that also helps answer questions here. I have not seen anything for automatically adding field values on the front end, maybe you could point me to them or what you’ve found.

    This type of question has come up here from time to time, but I’ve never seen anything that is really useful come out of it.

    I’m sure that simple tools could be created for adding shortcodes to the content for some of the more complicated fields, but example showing lists of post in a relationship field, but it would need to be extremely basic, showing a list of post titles with links. As soon as you create that someone would want to be able to show the post excerpt for the related post, and then the featured image, or maybe only one of them. Then once you work out those details someone would want to show custom fields that are added to these related posts, or show something more than a list. The possibilities for just this single type of field are nearly endless and without providing some type of template system…. and this is just one type of field. I personally would not think about building or maintaining something like this unless I could quit my full time job and planned on spending 80 hours a week just keeping up with it.