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  • I just transitioned a large site that had been using WP Types to ACF.

    It was easier than I expected.

    1. export the Types data. It’s an xml file. I converted it to json (using this for readability.
    2. review the fields created with Types. All Types fields are prepended “wpcf-” in the database. So, say you had an image field named “portrait”, simply recreate it in ACF with this name: “wpcf-portrait”.
    3. Carefully recreate all group fields, always keeping the same wpcf-name. all the info you need (description, field type, etc…) is in the xml/json file.
    4. Modify your theme templates. Wherever you find the function type_render_field(‘portrait’), you need to replace it with the_field(‘wpcf-portrait’) or get_field(‘wpcf-portrait’).

    It took me about two hours but it was worthy: ACF is so much better and so much more stable. Can’t count the number of times Toolset introduced bugs with its plugin updates.

    Anyways, hope this helps.