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  • Hi @davidcie

    For something like that, you need to add an extra setting on the field group editor by using the acf/render_field_group_settings hook. After that, you need to loop through the field groups on the post/page editor screen. It should be something like this:

    // Add additional setting option for meta box title
    add_action('acf/render_field_group_settings', 'my_acf_add_field_group_title');
    function my_acf_add_field_group_title($field_group){
            'label'            => __('Meta Box Title','acf'),
            'instructions'    => __('Add meta box title','acf'),
            'type'            => 'text',
            'name'            => 'metaboxtitle',
            'prefix'        => 'acf_field_group',
            'value'            => ( isset($field_group['metaboxtitle']) ) ? $field_group['metaboxtitle'] : '',
    // Change the meta box title based on the new option
    function my_acf_change_metabox_title($field_groups){
        // get the current screen data
        $current_screen = get_current_screen();
        // only do this if the current screen is for a certain post type
        if( $current_screen->post_type == 'post' ){
            // loop through the available field groups
            foreach( $field_groups as $k => $field_group ){
                // if the new title is set and not empty, change the original title
                if( isset($field_group['metaboxtitle']) && !empty($field_group['metaboxtitle']) ){
                    $field_groups[$k]['title'] = $field_group['metaboxtitle'];
        // return the data
        return $field_groups;
    add_filter('acf/get_field_groups', 'my_acf_change_metabox_title');

    I hope this helps 🙂