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  • Hi,
    thank you for the answer,
    I disabled all plugins and changed my theme (2015) but the problem still occurs. You can see it: , see Expositions or PrĂȘts (the relationship is Oeuvres)
    you can login with : acf / AcfTeam**2016** , and do what you want , for it is a test version
    it looks like a program bug, it generates the <b> </ b> for characters that match the search term. If there is no picture it really generates the <b> on the title, otherwise it generates the <b> on the name of the image file.
    When the post is archived, the issue doesnt occur (archive), that s strange (it s a status i ve added in my fonction.php and unknown in the 2015 them). other post are publish.

    My version is 5.3.5 (update = Bad Request ???) , wordpress 4.6.1 (i had the same issue with 4.4 version)