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  • Hi James,

    thank you for your answer. I checked the guide and everything looks as it should. I used it when I set up the page.

    I can resave the post/page and it works. I better not forget to check the box “minor translation” or the translation wants to be updated, too. If I do it that way, it works. I see the German field names on the German page and the English field names on the English page. Also the content of the fields is in the right language.

    But this really is a workaround. I first save the German page because I changed something. I go the the English translation, change the same stuff and save. Then I head back to the German page again, resave it without changing anything and check “minor translation”.

    Oh PS: I have a date field. This is cleaned in the German version after saving the English version. Maybe because I have DD.MM.YYYY as German format and MM/DD/YYYY as English format, but the English date should be a copy of the German one. This also worked two years ago without any problems.

    So now when resaving the German version I have to reenter the date again.