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  • I haven’t had a chance to try this with an up to date ACF but at least I can better explain what I’m seeing.

    I have a custom post type, Announcement which has two dedicated Taxonomies: Announcement-Type and Announcement-Audience. The idea is that each Announcement-Type term needs to select which Audiences it’s targeting. That way, in the Announcement post editor, choosing an announcement-type (from an ACF taxonomy field shown as a radio group) will change the available options in an audience-type taxonomy field shown as checkboxes. I’m handling the view updates in javascript.

    So in my Announcement-Type term editor I’ve inserted the Annoucement-type taxonomy field. This field has “Load Terms” set to Yes.

    The result in the term editor is that all boxes are ticked all the time.

    And even if I change the selection for a term,

    The changes are not saved and all terms have all options ticked

    If I set Load Terms to ‘No’, everything works fine.