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  • 100% of my clients want to be able to manage content on these pages… and widgets are out of the question because they want to be able to edit the content in a single location that is easy to use. Needing to hunt through widgets to find the one that controls a block of content on the right page in the right location is more than most clients, at least my clients, can handle. I use ACF because I build sites for people that, well not all of them, but many of them, can barely figure out how to check their own email. Widgets and shortcodes…. hahaha.

    It would be wonderful if WP added an admin page for post type archives, but I seriously doubt you’ll ever see that happen. When it comes to some things the people working on WP have a myopic viewpoint. It’s and archive page, why would you ever want to show anything but a list of posts and if you do… there are widgets. As developers they can’t see how widgets and shortcodes could possibly be confusing for the average person, after all, they understand them perfectly so every one else should as well.

    Oh well, I’ll get off my soap box now.