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  • I am running in to this same issue.

    I’m running WP version 4.5 and ACF Pro version 5.3.7

    I am going to troubleshoot this further this evening and will check back in with you, but I’m curious if you could save me some time with a fix that has already been discovered.

    My scenario:

    I have a page template set up with custom fields and all is well. I need to change content headers from static text to editable fields. I create new fields in my field group and save. The new fields are present in my field group and everything looks fine.

    The new fields do not show up in my page template in the page editor for existing pages or new pages. I have flushed the cache, tried activating the parent theme and then the child theme again, nothing seems to reset the field group and show my new fields.

    I don’t have much content using this field group so I could re-create the group and move forward, but I shouldn’t have to. Is there a reason that field groups that are already in use will not update when modified?

    I’ll check back in later this evening with a solution…or more questions.

    Thank you for all you do! This plugin is awesome 🙂