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  • I started using ACF at V3 and did beta testing on 4 & 5. I had tried all of the other custom field plugins but I found that they’re really not designed for “Developers” but are more for those that want to build everything using admin panels. The fact that there are only a handful of functions is ACF and that they are extremely easy to use helped. In the others it was a nightmare with every field type having it’s own function and needing to specify all the options…..

    Anyway, I agree, there’s nothing better than ACF that let’s me build custom sites without spending many more hours building admin pages.

    Here is a list of some ACF addons, some of mine are in there but a little self promotion, most of my plugins are built with and/or for ACF.

    Other than that, “Custom Post Type UI” is one I use on every site and “WP Max Submit Protect” saves and awful lot of time because it keeps me from loosing work, if you’ve ever built huge field group and had parts of it disappear when you hit save then you need it.