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  • Hi James, thanks. Right, so it looks like it is a problem with the server. It is running into some sort of execution error after about 30 secs and taking me to a “service unavailable” page. Updated the max input vars as well as execution and input time in php.ini, but am still receiving the same problem. I also called support and they said suhosin was not enabled on the server and there wasn’t much else they could do.

    Simply uploading the acf-json directory in my theme won’t work either because I am using that reusable field group plugin and I lose it’s functionality when using only the acf-json. Syncing doesn’t work either because I run into the same problem on the server as when importing the json files directly.

    Also, debugging live is pretty much not an option. I can duplicate the install and all of it’s plugins on another server, but I think that might defeat the purpose.

    I guess I could manually build the fields, but in the long-run it’s just not a viable solution. Really scratching my head on this one…