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  • No problem @3primt-tony

    In what way is there no means no edit the slide? Are there no inputs you can manipulate? Is the slide just a shortcode? If so you might be using a different plugin to create the slides or possibly created your own shortcode in functions or a site-specific plugin.

    I would check the “Custom fields” menu first.. there you should be able to find the field and thus see what kind of field it is etc.

    I can explain how I usually go about creating a slider with ACF. That might help out.

    1. Create a field group under Custom fields.
    2. Create a *repeater field* in the field group.
    3. Create the necessary fields in the field group. The bare minimum would probably be an image field but you could also add like a text field for a title on the slide etc.
    4. Set the location rules. usually to pages.
    5. Head over to a page. Click “add row”(or whatever you named it). Add an image to the image field and type in a title in the text field.
    6. Head over to the theme. I usually create the entire slider in a component file (it’s own php file) and then include it in page.php. Here’s more details on using the repeater field on the front end: