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  • Thanks for taking the time to explain things more specifically for me, Jonathan.

    Obviously, I’m going to have to dig into some code on this one, and figure out what is supposed to be happening in the page editor, and why it isn’t happening.

    But the field is in the page editor (I.e. when I go to page-> all paged-> and choose “Edit” for the home page, where I can edit that page).

    The field appears, but there does not appear any means to edit the slide, which my boss expects to be there (another guy on the team installed the plugin and initially set up this field, so I’m going to have to dig into and diagnose whatever is wrong with his work; He’s generally a skilled bloke, and sometimes fixes my errors, frankly, so I’m surprised his work isn’t functioning…).

    I suspect I’ll be back with more specific questions, eventually, but until I have a better handle on what I’m doing with this, I’ll try to avoid asking any more useless/stupid questions.