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  • Hmm i’m not quite sure what you mean John,

    i’m not sure if i’m using ‘posts’… what is a post exactly? check out my attached file, you’ll see the whole thing is treated like html/css, there’s no commenting/blogging functionality, just divs and css, and hopefully a few ACFs, lol.

    I have added the post loop… it doesn’t look right, meaning it is definitely in the wrong spot, (i’m sure your code is valid!)

    The original post loop (from the original page.php, before duplication) is included in the comments there, doesn’t seem to be working either…

    thought attaching the file is better than this multi-line forum code view…

    (And by the way, i loved dreamweaver! i can’t stand this wordpress platform, it’s so complicated, i used to just make bootstrap template sites using dreamweaver, straight up html,css and a lil’ js. perfect. just no custom field possibilities… After graduating, and looking for work, (melb, aust.) EVERYONE uses wordpress, NO-ONE uses dreamweaver… i can’t understand why… ACFS?)

    Thanks for any insight, Lord Commander John, of the WordPress Watch.