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  • I have done something similar recently with a publication system for a client. Each publication can have multiple pages. I used the WP built in system that allows posts to have multiple pages, in a way. I used it because it allows me to create a unique URL for each one because WP lets me add a page number to the URL.

    What I do on the publication intro page is generate links for each page in the publication like

    • /publication-title/1/
    • /publication-title/2/
    • /publication-title/3/
    • etc…

    In my publication template I see what page is requested

    $page = 0;
    if (preg_match('#/([0-9]+)/?$#', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $matches)) {
     $page = intval($matches[1]);

    if $page == 0 I show the intro page. If $page != 0 then I show the content from the right row of the repeater.