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  • Thanks, John. I have the file itself working, single-somename.php. And can get the custom post type to register in the backend but I need to learn more on making it behave with all functionality that regular posts have. That is to say, having meta data such as author name, date, etc, taxonomy type display and all. I have it now set up so that I can create the taxonomies (taking the place of “categories” for standard posts) but they don’t seem to display in the site itself. That is to say, I can’t show the archive of a taxonomy I created in the admin area.

    I believe that’s related to standard WordPress code in functions.php. What I have listed above in functions.php is a start but I believe more is needed to make all aspects work properly.

    I am also reaching out to the Studio Press community but no working replies as yet. Probably need more time. Thanks again for your reply.