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  • Still having this issue with 5.2.6, and I’ve identified that it seems to be having issues with the YARPP plugin.

    Specifically it breaks when I try to step through a flexible content field in the featured posts being pulled.

    If I call this line:

    if( have_rows('page_content') ):



    All my acf fields just don’t work on the page at all. There are no errors displayed (debug off, etc)

    To confirm, reverting to 5.2.3 fixes this issue.


    EDIT 2:

    Alright now I’ve discovered if I add a meta description in YOAST SEO it also seems to fix the issue, but with the meta description field blank it creates the issue as well. It also fixes it if I disable to Yoast plugin completely.

    I’m getting pretty confused as to what is causing this? Something being called or not called that’s triggered by various things perhaps?

    To clarify, it’s fixed by any of the following:

    – Removing the flexible content field call from the related posts plugin / disabling this plugin
    – Having a filled in meta description field in YOAST SEO or disabling the YOAST SEO plugin
    – Rolling back ACF PRO to 5.2.3