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  • I’ve been doing this for some time in a hacky sort of way. I create tab groups inside of each of my flexible layouts. The first tab is content. Second is options–usually all of the css/js options I make available for the layout. Third is Examples. I usually just take screen shots of the layouts I create then I use a description field to write some html that gives a nice preview of what the layout could be used to create.

    I plan to eventually extend this with a “wireframe” capability. I’d love to offer clickable wireframes that would autofill all of the fields with the appropriate options to create the layout the client clicked on. This would require writing a bunch of js to pull default values for these fields and autofill/create fields (especially for repeater fields), but I aspire to do this someday.

    It’d be a huge help if Elliot could implement some kind of js “duplicate” functionality for flexible layout fields and repeater fields. I imagine this being a fairly simple build since you’d just be copying all of the data from one set of fields into a new set of fields with the same setup. This would give me the framework I need to plug into to implement the “wireframe” templates I envision.